How to open and operate a Restaurant

Arthur L. Meyer and Jon M. Vann
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So You Want to Open a Restaurant? | 1
02 Envisioning Your Business | 5
03 The Menu | 16
04 Financial Planning | 34
05 Equipment FOH and BOH | 49
06 Design Considerations | 87
07 Getting Started | 111
08 Suppliers and Purveyors | 116
09 Staffing | 141
10 Marketing: Bringing in Patrons
11 Up and Running—A Day in the Life of a Restaurant | 176
12 The Business End Game | 184
Things Are Going Well | 184
You Are Just Breaking Even—No Profit | 186
Getting Out | 189
Concluding Thoughts | 190
About the Authors | 224


When considering opening a small business, you might think a restaurant is the perfect choice. Everyone has to eat several times every day. Statistics show that fewer and fewer meals are being cooked at home, and so the demand for prepared meals is immense. In addition to the required nutritional demands for eating, social gathering and celebrations bring people to restaurants all the time. Vacationing and traveling require every meal to be eaten out. Ethnic restaurants provide flavors that cannot be duplicated when meals are prepared at home and skilled chefs offer techniques that cannot be matched by the typical home cook. Restaurants offer the convenience of not having to shop and plan ahead; when you are hungry, you just go out and eat, and there is no messy cleanup afterward. ......

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